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What a morning!


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So took the kids out to eat in the morning and there was a 2014 silvy parked next to me and the 2014 owner was asking me some questions and some guy comes out of dennys and says nice truck and the 2014 owner say thanks then the other dude says i was talking to the sss owner! I was like Lol! Also the sss almost got stolen Again!

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Yeah man. Just cruising down the road, i get more looks in my SS than any other vehicle ive driven. And for being a 03-07 truck, they are damn clean looking. The body isnt outdated at all.

So tell us more about this almost stolen truck! I just moved south side and am scared for my truck. Luckily, its parked right in front of my window, but that wont stop people. Plus, in a few months, itll be dark 18hrs a day, so theres plenty of opportunity to take it.... Im going to start looking into security systems. Too much money invested to have it taken away by some punk ass kid.

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