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Painting this weekend


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I only ended up painting the front calipers, they didn't come out how I thought they would, looks like Halloween behind my wheels, probably going to repaint them all black :/







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Cool. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Planning to paint my calipers as well, so I would like get tips on how to do it right.


I would recommend leaving the calipers on so you don't have to bleed the lines after. Also make sure you allow the paint to dry completely before putting them back on. I kinda rushed putting back on before the clear coat dried and got some grease and brake dust smudges on them. I am not too happy.

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Sorry to hear that you had trouble with your paint job Bobby.


Maybe another coat of the red would help it out?


I bought Dupli-color to do mine with but haven't started the project yet.


Can't help but wonder how long any of them look good, or how often you have to re-paint to keep them looking good.

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If your gonna take the time to remove your calipers and what not, why not get them powder coated? Sure does beat the recoating hassle and the finish will be even with no imperfections, tough and durable. This is probably more favorable if you are planning on getting new calipers or have a buddy or know someone who would do them cheap


Just my opinion....

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