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Maggie belt not tracking 100% straight???

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Hey guys. My accessory drive consists of the MP112 serpentine setup, with an HD tensioner, 100mm idlers, and a Gates Fleetrunner belt.

The tensioner and belt were just installed in the last week or so. There isnt any damage to the new belt, no noise, its not skipping at all... Other than visually seeing it isnt 100% straight, there are no negative symptoms. Just wanted to see if anyone has ever come across this before. Is this normal? As the belt goes up the first idler on the passenger side, its about 1/8" from the back of the pulley, and as it comes down the blower pulley and around the second idler, its flush with the back of the pulley. So if you look directly down at it or from the side, you can tell it isnt 100% straight. Im running the belt on the middle 6 ribs of the HD tensioner. maybe run the back 6 and see if it evens out? If you look at the pics of the idler pulleys, you can tell where the belt has been riding by the pattern burnt into the pulleys. I dont think the HD tensioner is at fault because it looks like thats where it was riding with the kit maggie tensioner. Any ideas? Thanks..

P.S. Excuse the dusty engine bay and chipping paint, it will all be fixed soon. Lol.









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Lol. Well guys, John texted me and answered my question. He said to run the belt in the rear 6 ribs, not the center. :thumbs:

Oh well. Easy fix. Now if anyone has this problem in the future they can see my "blonde moment" thread and find their answer.

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derp derp , lol

:rollin: Oh well. Im sure someone will have the same concern and find this retarded thread. Lol. I could have sworn i saw others running the middle 6 ribs on their HD tensioners..


Fwiw I haven't had great luck running 6 rib belts on 8 rib grooved pulleys.... Glad you got it figured out, I was gonna post the same till I saw you got it

Ill finish out the 8 rib someday... The tensioner is 8 rib, the idlers can handle 8s, so can the water pump.. Just need my OD crank damper, Alt, P/S, and blower. But thats $1100 i dont have right now. Haha. Plus, im sure its rare to come across a MP112 8rib pulley.

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