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3 SSS spotted in a row

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Spotted 3 SSS in a row today on my way to work. 1st Black SSS w/ the Alloy wheels in Thibodaux Louisiana, 2nd Black SSS w/ custom red and black hood in Belle Chasse, Louisiana (Looked broken down due to the hood being up on the side of the road), 3rd Arrival Blue SSS w/ Cowel Hood and 22's in Buras, Louisiana. I Hardly ever see any SSS down here, it was weird seeing 3 in a row. oh yeah and i seen a horrible ss clone in Belle Chasse today also, it was a step side :puke:

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Come to fairbanks, I see at least one or two every day. I've seen probably about 10-15 different SSS here but I see at least one a day man. It's crazy to hear how few you guys see.

Damn military bases LOL... When I was in Camp Lejeune I seen one almost every day... Hell my neighbor had a red one so I saw one everyday LOL... Now that I am back home in Northern MN I never see them and people don't know what to think. When they see me I get ask all the time if its new... and when I tell them its 10years old and in its mint condition they are awestruck... Such a good feeling

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