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New GM Truck In The Family


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Well over the last week the 2009 escape the wife has had a few years has been getting to the point of needing some maintenance. I good amount. Normal time for tires, brakes, oil leak started, and a few axel seals. Gained some decent clicks and squeaks from suspension latley too. Well it was in the 70k miles range and gaining fast making a 2 1/2 hour trip once a week for her work. So she always wanted another pickup truck since she had 2 OBS growing up and her birthday was coming up the 19th so what better time. We got a nice 09 silverado in white in on trade at Theresa dealer i work at. I told her and we stopped up there and she wasent feeling it. Hated the huge bulky tonnue cover. She spotted another truck we just got and fell in love with it. A black cherry 08 GMC Sierra Ext. cab short bed SLE. Had a leather tonnue cover and chrome running boards. Only has 23k miles on it to. Owned by older couple. So I set it up at work directly with my manager and made it happed for a great deal. Even had equity in the escape so it worked perfect for us. Payments even cheaper and she couldt be any more happy. Did a full detail 3 stage buff and wax. I took off tonnue cover and removed the drop in plastic liner and put in a full bedrug, and a new tailgate cap all the day before we picked it up. We got some decent plans for it like tint, painted handles and mirrors all this week I think. Would like to maybe dona 2" level drop in rear and a denali grill. Proud to add it to the vehicle stable. Now we have my 02 silverado, 95 1-ton dully diesel, her new sierra and my 02 SLS caddy. Alot of GM around here with both our parents and our friends, the list seems endless. Haha. I relize this post got wayyyy to long so sorry.







Seen a new 14 for first time in person so snapped a pic



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the pics do this truck no justice the color is amazing in person and it really is a super clean truck congrats buddy
your right Doug that color is real sweet and pics don't do it justice....not saying I am picking on the pics either.


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