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Adam's vs. a Callaway SuperNatural 400

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Here's a little test of our new polishes Dylan did on a very neglected, rare Callaway SuperNatural.


In a small world kind of scenario, this exact car was over with our good friends at Purifoy Chevrolet a few months back getting a little mechanical love. The car is rough cosmetically, but appeared to run strong.

Fast forward to this week and a local car broker says he has a Callaway in his inventory hes going to try and move... of course we wanted to see it. When I realized what car it was I knew I was going to have to detail it. This car has been barn stored for some time and has deep deep DEEP swirls and scratches from a long time of neglect.

For those that don't know, here's a little info on the Callaway SuperNatural 400:
In 1992, base Corvettes now used the LT1 engine. With major changes between that engine and the earlier L98, Callaway shifted from positive manifold pressure to increased displacement with the new SuperNatural series. Introduced with 400 hp, power climbed to 425, then 435, and finally 450 hp for the LT1 and LT4 cars. During this same period, Callaway also built SuperNatural Corvettes based upon the ZR-1 Corvette and the LT5 engine. Introduced with 475 hp, power was also available with 490 hp with optional header cats. A full menu of options (brakes, suspension, exhaust, body, wheels/tires) were available. Originally, the SuperNatural Series was called the CL-1 and CR-1 CL, for the LT1 powered cars. CR, for the LT5 powered cars. This moniker was very short lived, changing to SuperNatural soon after introduction.[/size]

With such a great opportunity to show off what our polishes can do I wasted no time setting up the camera and getting to work on what might be some of the most trashed paint I've ever detailed.



don't forget to watch in HD ^^^

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