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Front BowTie to match the brake ducts.

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I created a thread earlier last week asking if anyone knew the color to the grey on the bottom of the bumper so that I could paint the BowTie to match. Unfortunately there is no color code for it. Went to Lowes and found a pretty damn good match.


Rust-Oleum - High Heat Ultra. Silver Metallica color.


This color is damn near exact to the grey, but it does have some metallic in it. Cannot tell a big difference unless you really study both the bumper vents and the bowtie.


Once it dried i put a clear coat on it.


Rust-Oleum - Acrylic Enamel. Gloss. Crystal Clear.



IMO it looks very good and way better then the black i had on the bowtie. Gives the front more of a pop.

Wanted to just give my .02 on what i used to get the look i got. Very happy with it. Feel free to move it wherever it needs to go.





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Looks like a good match alright, I'm going to be playing the color guessing game myself when I get home. Mine are black right now on an Arrival Blue SS and I want them back to silver especially since I have silver stripes. Im going to paint the stripes on and re-do my inlets to silver. Looking good!

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