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Adam's Paint Correcting Polish Review from Phil @ Detailer's D

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Phil Yiu from Detailer's Domain recently posted a review of our new Paint Correcting Polish over on his forum.


Take a few minutes and read through it. As he states, Phil has always been very critical of the "lack of power" of our old polishes. He seems to have different feelings now...


Prodcut Review: Adam's Paint Correcting Polish



Here are a few pictures from the thread:









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Generally speaking, MF pads are a little more agressive and will correct slightly faster, while foam will usually finish down a little better, especially on softer clear coats.


It's not really an "either/or" sutuation, it's nice to have both in your arsenal. On most vehicles that have normal clear coats in terms of hardness, I like to do correction with MF pads and finish down with a foam pad.

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