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2006 INTIMIDATOR SS parts,,,dash cluster,Orem wing ,hotchkis rear swa


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Ok so I SOLD my intimidator about a week ago and no longer need this extra parts I had in my garage as spears ,,,,, all parts are Oem NOT TAIWAN


2006 INTIMIDATOR Dash cluster works perfect reading 56.000 miles $ SOLD


2006 INTIMIDATOR 3 piece rear wing with brackets and bolts $600 obo shipp to your door


Rear HOTCHKIS rear sway bar with all the brackets and bolts $ SOLD


Located in GARDENA CA.




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Compared to a P O S fiberglass one for 200 that needs hours of sanding which can get pricey and then the cost of paint and then trying to mount the winglets to the bed with the supplied L brackets from Home Depot I would rather have the oem 3 piece wing no B.S sand paint mount and enjoy.


Not sure of the condition of this wing but if you want one of these wings wait and go oem like this one its the only way to go.


I bought 3 wings till I was happy street scene didnt have winglets then POS fiberglass one that was made wrong and now oem intimadator 3 piece wing and if you want quality without complaints its the only way to go

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I actually found my oem one never mounted for 300 but I also spend a week an a half making phone calls to find it hiding on a shelf in a back room at a warehouse supplier of oem parts and also said that they would probably never get these in stock again so they are out there but there not easy to find.


I would think 600 should cover shipping also shipping is not cheap so keep that in mind and couple hundred for paint and you got a hard to find piece for 800 with fresh paint I would plan on painting almost every wing you find if its used thats just how it gos it is mounted to a truck and not a show car

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Not trying to be a jerk here, but you have tried selling this wing for months. With the damage it has, once its painted etc there will be another $200 or more into into it. If it didnt need paint then it would be gone.

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