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Thieves took my dream truck

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Bumming over here as I was a proud owner of an 05 Silverado SS and was literally taken right and front of me last week. It was found 3 days later completely stripped and a total loss. Im new here and wish I new about this site earlier. As for now I'm waiting on insurance payoff offer so I can hopefully find another soon. My options look slim though, most SS owners seem to end up as lifetime owners ;)

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Thanks brother your truck looks like mine. I can't believe they parted that truck out, thought for sure it would of been in mexico lol

Im already on that hunt but any extra help would be greatly appreciated :) Oh and it was right outside my office in a parking structure, heard it start up and said to my co-worker that sounded just like my truck then looked out the window and saw guy in my truck. Adrenalin pumped immediatley and ran outside to rip him out of the truck and lay into him but lucky for him he already had in reverse so doors locked and he hauled ass out down three levels peeling out throughout. I might consider myself and others lucky too because he had a partner in a lead car that i had no idea about who could have had a gun. APB went out quick but guess it wasn't quick enough :(

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Thanks John glad I joined up and Bryan another reason I should bail out of california lol CHL hear is way too difficult to get


A very large number of these trucks have gone missing in Cali. Probably a lot of other makes / models get targeted there also.


Sorry that it happened to you. I sure don't think much of a thief. :M16: :M16:

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FYI my suspicion is Jiffy Lube they seem to be getting more and more shady.



That could be a possibility. There is always a risk going anywhere where someone has access to your vehicle where there might be some shady stuff going on. You just never know. My truck was broken into the night after I took my truck to a car wash. I had an employee working for me that worked a second job at that same car wash and he said he would not be surprised at all if it was someone at that place. But there is not much you can do, just let your insurance handle it, and you can let the police know your suspicions and let them investigate it.


Anyway sorry to hear that happened. People piss me off.

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