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Finally cleaned her up!


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I finally got to pamper my truck. I clay barred it, Scratch x'ed it, polished it then waxed it. I think it came out pretty good. Can't wait to do my 2/2 drop and get some 22 reps! I dont know why all my photos look so white. :question:











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Your truck looks great, and your pictures are very good as far as your composition goes. The haze and "Too much white" might be coming from the cameras light meter picking up too much sky and glare. If whatever you are using for a camera gives you the option try spot metering on the truck or, maybe the trees in the background. That will overexpose the sky but you don't care if that's washed out.


It kind of looks like the day may have been real high humidity. Almost foggy. Was the camera acclimated to the outside temperature? (Thinking possible fogged up lens).

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Johnny thanks for the info. I use my phone, I have a galaxy s5. And yeah it was really humid, after I wiped off the lens it got better. But you're right the sky was a bright grey.


Thanks Jason. Trying to be like you

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