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Supercharged 8.1 Suburban (E-Bay - no reserve)


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Looking for a great daily driver/tow vehicle? I've listed the Suburban on E-Bay with no reserve so someone will be owning this soon!













This is not a regular "Soccer Mom's Suburban! One look at this truck will tell you that it's much different from the rest and will haul your family and luggage around with style. This truck started life as a regular 2002 3/4 ton Suburban powered by GM's 8.1 big block (496). This sends power to a 4L85e transmission end then to a set of 4.10 gears. This is a good combo from the factory but there are always ways to make things better. A Volant induction feeds air to an intercooled Whipple supercharger that is producing 7.5-8# of boost. Exhaust flows out of a set of The Other Guys mid-length headers and then through the stock muffler. Custom pipes connect behind the muffler so there is one polished stainless steel tip exiting on each side under the bumper (split rear system). A Direct Hits ignition provides extra spark for this motor and tuning was performed by Ed Wright at Fast Chips. The stock torque converter was replaced by a 2600 stall Yank converter and a TransGo shift kit insures crisp shifts at wide open throttle. A stock 8.1 Suburban will make about 240 horsepower and 320 ft-lb of torque at the rear wheels. This truck has dynoed 407hp and 558 ft-lb with these upgrades. It has also been done the 1/4 for testing. It ran a best of 13.93 @ 95.47 MPH. This is faster than some sports cars that are on the road! The extra power helps performances and also allows this truck to tow a trailer with absolutely no problem!


You can't have a truck this fast without it looking good. One look at the front end tells you that there are GM parts there but something is different. Well, there is! The stock hood, grill and bumper were replaced with new parts from a Silverado HD. This provide a more aggressive look and tells others that there is something different going on under there. A Precision Billet grill dresses up the one from the factory and a PIAA air dam with 40 series driving lights are on the bottom. You will never complain that you can't see when driving this truck! The high beams, low beams and lower driving lights have been upgraded to Stage 2 HIDs. The whole road is displayed in front of you! A set of Signal Mirrors will let others know which way this Suburban intends to go and it rides on chrome 22x9.5" Evolution Velociti8 wheels are wrapped with 305/45/22 Toyo tires. Two other mods that has been done to the outside is the two tone paint and smooth flares. GM didn't offer these from the factory so they were taken care of after the truck was picked up from the dealer.


The driver will have tons of fun driving this truck but passenger's sometimes need a little more entertainment. That is handled by a Pioneer 7300DVD system. It features a motorized DVD/CD player and 7" LCD color display. An optical/digital output to a Pioneer master unit will give it theater-like Dolby Digital/DTS sound. A Pioneer AV switcher will give individual control of three AV outputs, so three different sources can be displayed separately. It also gives two passengers their own volume control for headphones. 7" Alpine monitors are mounted behind the front head rests to keep the people in the backseat busy. If they run out of movies a Microsoft X-Box will provide hours of entertainment on long trips. If your into music and an alternate to commercial radio a Pioneer Digital Satellite Tuner will allow you to listen to over 100 different channels or you can listen to a CD from the 12 disk changer.


You might be wondering how this truck drives. The answer is excellent! It has factory driveability along with plenty of power when needed. You really won't need to worry about not being able to pass someone because your driving a Suburban. There has been close to $70,000. invested in this truck between the actual price and upgrades.


Your probably wondering why I would sell a truck like this. I own quite a few vehicles so it doesn't get driven much. That's why there is only 9100 miles on the odometer. I'm selling this and a lifted '02 Silverado and will be building a DuraMax powered '05 Sierra.



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Sorry for the late reply. I didn't see the reply notification e-mail to your mileage question. The truck has about 20,500 miles on it. My Sierra should arrive at the dealer tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll probably put the Silverado up for sale soon. Just depends on what mods I do to the new truck right away. I'll hold off if I do the lift and gears right away.

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