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Hey guys. I have a black 03 SSS with all the options. Payed a lot for it like everyone. I love the way the truck handles in corners and it has a decent amount of power for such a heavy truck. BUT you know what. I was thinking about a lot of the questions that come up. I owned a 1992 GMC Typhoon and I loved it and still do. It got better gas mileage than my grandmothers Corsica , Between 15-22 MPH. depending on the lead foot. It could Kill any stock SSS off the floor.... I could smoke all 4 tires and would suffer from wiplash once and a while.

My Typhoon had 72000 Miles when I sold it after An Accident with it. It was all original and I didnt have to worry about it starting in the morning.


My question is being spoiled bythe Typhoon it is hard to believe they cant create something as great. Is the Typhoon the best there ever was as far as a Truck /SUV???? Now I know if the SSS weighed 2500 LBS like the Typhoon it would be a Killer. But I found myself almost buying Tim Taylors Typhoon off Ebay for 25000$ with 13000 miles on it. And selling the SSS. Its like a drug I swear. I bought the SSS because it is the closest truck I could come to the Syclone or Typhoon. AWD , power and Styling. The funny thing is the Typhoon had almost the same amount of Torque as our trucks.



ANyways thanks for listening -- I am just venting.. I love my SSS it is way more comfortable and sturdy than the Phoon. :dunno:

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I know what you’re talking about. I had an 89' Annv Turbo Trans Am w/the GNX 3.8 turbo and a 92' Typhoon.


I compare every car I ever owned to those two cars (TA/Typhoon).


When I had the Radix on the SSS, I could honestly say it was very close to the Typhoon performance.


The Typhoon came from the Syclone. Now hat thing was bad ass! But they were both set up for the strait line drags with the GN and Mustang's.


Have no fear; just plop a blower or STS turbo on your truck and it will be like old times.


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I damn near just bought a Typhoon on tuesday. It only had 45000 miles and was perfect. I always wanted one, and this one was near flawless. I really wish they would bring them back in the new body style.


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