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Transfer Case Replacement with Borg Warner??

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I broke my stock NP 149 transfer case last weekend at the track, did a little web searching and came across a company called Rockland Standard Gear who claims to make a direct plug n play replacement that is much better than the NP 149. It's the Borg Warner 4473.


Has anyone ever heard of this replacement and/or gear company? Any recommendations on how best to proceed? Thank you!

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i actually looked into them when i had mine rebuilt last month..If i remember it had something to with the case being stronger?

The person I spoke to says it's not only the case but the internals are better/stronger as well


Does it have the 80e input shaft or will the one from the 149 fit?

Since it's a direct replacement, I would assume one would have to still swap out the input shaft for the 80e

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Fuggit, I just ordered a reman NP 149 from LKQ which will be here this Thursday! Thanks anyway guys!

Good deal. I have heard the 4473 was a pretty problematic t case when you hit it with some power. Never owned one myself though, but I def would have gone the route you did.

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