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Good Lord...


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Not mine. Kind of wish I had some extra cash laying around for it though. I could drop the LQ9 in my T/A, have some spare drivetrain stuff, and part the rest out...and probably still make most of the money back.. Don't have the disposable funds laying around though, so maybe someone else might be interested in checking it out.

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Jokes on him, because I don't have $2000 either, LMAO!. I opened it because it looked a lot like a buddy of mine's old truck. It had all kinds of issues and he ended up dumping it for a Lightning. I kind of thought the person may have gotten sick of all the issues with it too and wanted to dump it cheap. It ended up not being that truck though.

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Its funny when you use a site like searchtempest, and do a nationwide search right after they post it. to see the same pics and the same ad all over the country. Fun to go right down the line and flag them all.

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