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Sean Penn - Dead Pool candidate


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Ok ...


Is it just me who finds Sean Penn's plausible deniability of how his Interview "didn't" lead to cartel leader El Chapo's capture? I just laugh as how bad this will most likely end for Penn.


So, am I the only one who thinks that the cartel will seek revenge against Penn, for what they believe to be a blatant betrayal?


Now if El Chapo can escape from numerous prisons, due to his cartel support network, don't you believe he'll call the shot on taking revenge on Penn? Will Penn show up dead, sooner than later?


I give Sean Penn until October 14th, 2016, and no later ...


Anyone else ... ???

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I'm right there with you, but I don't think he even needs to be guilty at all. Just the fact he was captured while meeting with Penn marks penn's fate lol. Those dudes are ruthless, and all they have to do is suspect Sean Penn of being a part of it and it's over for him.

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Gotta say that a future hit was the first thing I thought of when I saw on the news that they had met.


I figured that the law asked Penn to do it. I can't imagine a movie roll demanding that kind of meeting from Penn.


On the other hand his ego may have demanded it.


It will be interesting to see how close they can get to him.

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