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04 Silverado Crew Cab


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Hi Gents


After over a year of being a member, guess its over due to post what I've got & been doing :cool:


I bought this 1 owner 04 2wd Crew Cab last year, had only covered 125k. This is how I got it. Its very clean with only a few minor parking scuffs ect.




1st thing that had to go was the side step bars. An immediate improvement.




Then the original alloys were swopped for a new old stock set that I picked up for use on my previous truck ('00 Sierra ext cab)


Along the way the exhaust was replaced with a Flowmaster system to give it a nice burble. A bed cover added and the front bow tie badge repainted FTO Orange.


Silverado's are pretty scarce here in England, Crew Cabs even rarer.


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Roll on a few months n some parts have arrived :thumbsup:


The stock 16"s were swopped out for SS rep's with stock size tyres.




Then I found out stock SS tyres are too tall for a lowering job :ohmy: So lower profile tyres were ordered as it had to go lower !

I spent a long time looking at 3/5 drop kits. Various reports had said you do need / you dont need to C notch the chassis. I spoke to the Belltech guys who advised as I wasnt hauling loads, its a weekend driver not a work truck, I wouldnt need to notch.

A few weeks later the 3/5 drop kit & upgraded shocks arrived to replace the original parts. It was totally stock when I got it.


And this is how it sits now !




Absolutely love how the suspension & wheels have transformed the truck



A few more mods are planned, as & when cash is available.


The rear bumper needs replacing as its dinged / twisted. Im going to colour code the new one. The front is also dinged & scraped so I'm looking to replace with a SS rep front cover and colour code the chrome grill bar.

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