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Racetronix Fuel Pump Upgrade


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I just recently ordered this Racetronix (in tank) fuel pump upgrade kit from TSP. I've been having some issues with stumbling at low idles and I want to swap out the fuel pump to rule that out. Would I have to buy the new sending unit to replace the fuel pressure regulator or is there a way to replace it while I have the sending unit out? Also, are there any write-ups on here that anyone know of with instructions? I'm not sure if I'll have to grind the inside of the sending unit where the pump goes so that there will be enough clearance to attach the filter sock. TIA!


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There should be quite a few fuel pump write ups throughout the forums but it is a pretty simple job. Drop the tank, remove the bucket, separate the bucket and pull the old pump out, put the new pump in, put the bucket back together and go in reverse order from there hooking everything back up. Your stock FPR will be fine with that pump.

Here is a decent one for reference


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