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Raceline billets and narrowed rear end


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Looking at different styles of raceline billet wheels.. I know that the rear differential has to be shortened for a wider lip look..I like the racelines deceptive 5, explosions, or the blast models in 22s by 10. Not looking to go an excessive 10 or 12in lip but something instead like a 6-8 in the rear. I'm wanting to know any pros and cons of doing this?? Also would I still be able to put my stock SS rims back?? Thanks!

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So I finally pulled the trigger on the racelines I wanted... I went with the explosion 6 model polished and black... 22x10/ 6 in lip & 22x8.5/ 2 in lip... I bought them used in like new condition with brand new tires....($2100 for the set what do yall think??)...now I just need to get my rear end done... gotta start looking for a shop that can narrow it for me...

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Very nice. Those and the commanders are my favorite racelines. When I had my intros, I had a local guy narrow and fully build and powdercoat a 10 bolt for me. I had about 2300 into it or so, but it was 99% brand new except the housing. Well worth it imo. Too bad I just sold it not too long ago or I'd offer it up.

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