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Throttle Issues


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Hey everyone! So first and foremost, merry Christmas and happy new years and all that jazz.

Onto the part I need some help with:

So i took off my Throttle body to clean it since I was having idle issues, and read that cleaning it usually fixes the issue. Sure enough, took off the throttle body, and it was dirty as hell. Cleaned it up, through it back on after it dried, and started the truck up. Now it won't go past 2k rpms, and I've got 5 DTCs related to preformance being thrown at me:

P0120 TP System Performance

P0220 APP Sensor 2 circuit

P1516 Throttle Acctuator Control Module Throttle Actuator Position Performance

P1518 Electronic Throttle Module to PCM Comm

P2135 TPS Sensor Voltage Correlation


Can anyone help me decipher some of this into words I can understand? Or help me out on how to fix the issue without bringing it to a mechanic and paying an obnoxious amount of money to fix them?


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I know it's an out dated post but I'll reply with my 2 cents for anyone who come across this in the future . if you have an electronic tb you never should open the butterfly manually it can and most of the time will damage the actuator. Turn key on do not start truck and have a buddy hold the throttle at wot gently with a clean rag and electronic throttle body cleaner whipe off the crud try to get the top edges of the blade soak up as much as possible and you should be golden. Note truck may take longer to start initially that usual the first fire up after but it will be ok

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