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im tired of this truck sitting in my driveway. i love it, but i just dont drive it enough to warrant letting it keep falling apart. this is the longest ive ever held onto a vehicle, and the most mileage ive ever put on a vehicle with no major issues. i love my baby. gotta love her enough to let her go to someone who will bring her back to where she needs to be.


the good:

i would drive this truck cross country RIGHT NOW if the exhaust didnt fall off on NYE. we sent it from chicago to georgia in like october, towing a car back, and got 14.8 mpg. this truck does everything well except pass gas stations.


u-joints just done. up to date on all maintenance. im a diesel mechanic by trade, i have taken very good care of this truck. mobil 1 in engine/axles, autotrac II in t case, correct trans fluid always. comes with tons of extra parts.


the bad:

has chevy rocker/bed rust. ive restored a bunch of vehicles, the rust is not terrible. you cant even see it unless youre under the truck, but i would be doing inners/outers and cab corners. sheet metal is about $300 for all parts needed. bed should be replaced, but you can fire some bondo into the gape above the passenger rear wheel, rattle can it black, and still get compliments. i just dont like operating like that. the bed is rough by my standards.


steering wheel controls dont control the head unit. the LED on the adapter flashes, it may be miswired, it may be bad out of the box. for the money, the boss head unit is awesome. i would recommend hooking it to dimmer or whatever as the gps screen is too bright at night.


exhaust fell off. i will be replacing on saturday morning if no one shows serious interest. truck has pipes where cats hang out.....no idea why :P still passes illinois emissions.


never wrecked. i bought it at 53k, now has like 166k.


since i bought it, ive done a water pump, belts, tensioners, plugs, wires, headers (short edelbrock) tuner, cold air intake. its run in this configuration for almost 10 years. it has slotted front/rear rotors and good pads. the brakes still suck, dont worry. its gotten u-joints, transfer case output shaft seal, tie rod ends, other wear items. its been greased every 3k.


freshly rebuilt cluster with white led's.


newer starter/battery.


i do not have factory wheels. comes with 20" polished gm truck wheels with good tires.


good spare. bad spare winch.


airbags for towing. these will allow you to be an idiot, so dont be an idiot. you can put 3k in the bed and only your tires will sag. but dont be dumb, we did it just to test the limits of the bags. you would not want to drive on the street like that. i towed a small enclosed trailer for my race bike and the airbags helped out big time. has a gauge/switch in cab.


newer digital hvac controller.


bottom seat cover drivers seat could be changed.


headliner isnt sagging, but its dirty. im a mechanic, not a detailer.


'brake cooler' ducts have been glued, stapled, filled, reinforced, and patched together many times. they sit straight but the left one has no more repairs left in it.


rear axle just serviced, i thought it went out, but it was just bad u-joints.


no pix right this second as im at work, but i can send pix to serious buyers/traders.




im motivated to trade/sell, but im not going to give it away for 3k, so please, save your lowball offers. they will only be spread around car forums to be mercilessly flamed.


i will trade for a chevy/gmc 1500hd, 2500, 2500hd, anything that doesnt have a 4l60/4l65, i


looking for a snow plow/work truck.


773-206-1968. text any time, i will respond asap.


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