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CHecking back in...time to play LSx (again)


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Good Day all!


I used to be on this site for hours at a time and learned so much when the LQ9 was all the craze. I had a L92 Swapped AWS 2003 SSS that was stolen 2 years ago. sad times and I was truly going to walk away from performance cars... even my HPT was lost in the truck!


So now I am coming back to see who is here and see if I can find out the info I need for my next project: Project Blue Turd. My kids named it sorry :)


2002 Blazer LS

2 WD



so I think dropping my extra LQ9 into it would be good tribute to all I learned on my SSS and also give me a new sleeper project...and after all the looks the SSS gets having something less flashy and more go'ie would be fun.



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Sounds fun I had a square body White Bravada Awd dropped with centerline wheels I had so much fun with it always wanted to Turbo it but never did ended up in a accident resulting in it being totaled New mini suv kinda suck and seems like its a waste of money to do anything to them not like the S10 style trucks and suv the aftermarket parts are endless

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DetJoe!!! Welcome back. Glad to see ya! Great to have a experienced vet back around here. Look forward to having your knowledge and history with these trucks back to help out the new builds. Excited cause I deff learned a lot from your past posts even if it was long ago.

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