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TX Vehicle Inspections


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Anyone from TX shed some light on vehicle inspections? Moving to Houston area in a couple weeks.


My main concern is emissions. I plan on finally getting around to installing my LT headers. I was going to remove the cats but if my county requires emissions test then I'd leave them in.



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Quite a few counties around the Houston area require smog inspection - check the list against where you think you may end up: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/airquality/mobilesource/vim/overview.html


Cats will need to be in place and functioning, no CEL, and can't have just cleared codes to get rid of a CEL or the emissions readiness monitors will not show "ready" and you will fail the test. Only driving it will make those go ready, so if you have a problem/modification that causes a CEL it's gonna come back so you'll need to resolve that before going.


And an advance welcome to Texas!



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I just moved from SoCal to SETX myself, Jefferson County. As stated above, doing smog depends on the county you'll be living in when in the Houston area. The actual inspection itself costs about $7 only. You basically drive into any TX approved inspection station, they check quick for all lights working etc., for cracked windshields and drive it a few feet to make sure it's mechanically sound. Just as stated above, leave the cats in, no CEL and make sure your readiness tests with the PCM show "ready" Just like in SoCal. Welcome to Tejas lol. Truck theft is heavy in Houston by the way. Be careful.


Also, you'll need auto insurance to TX liability minimums which was way higher than Cali, not sure what Ohio is. Then take that to the DPS and they'll issue you plates and your windshield inspection sticker. TX requires front plate by the way.


Now when you go get your driver's license, make sure you bring your birth certificate. If this sounds crazy, wait till you go lol, they're tough here on that at the DMV.

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