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Pete jackson noisy gear drive

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My other truck is a 85 c10 . it's got a built 327 .40 over and I put a lunati bracket master II in it with 515./.515 lift and .300 /.300 duration.

Now when I did it I ended up with a used Pete Jackson noisy gear drive. When installing cam it called for 3 Or 4 degrees of advancement. Gear drive only came with on cam degree bushing and that was the 0° one.


So I went ahead finished up and broke in cam everything went well. Now I'm to the point of my post.


Its not running real strong on the bottom end and I know advancing the degree angle will gain low end torque and my distributors vacuum can is touching carb it's advanced so much.


Pete Jackson has went pout of business and I don't know where to get the degree bushings. Summit has degree bushing from multiple brands but i dont know if they'll work. Has anyone had anything similar of an issue and can help me out here??

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So, did you degree the cam into verify numbers (especially TDC)? Also, Check it with a timing light to verify where your timing actually is. There have been different balancers/markings/timing tabs over the years. Until you find actual TDC, you're just guessing.

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