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Longer control arms


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I've searched up and down the googles and no luck. I have wide fenders and 4" wheel spacers to finish off the look, on stock wheels. Well this causes rubbing in the foot wells as the wheel travel is huge now, just like running big offset wheels. I can only turn the steering one revolution which sucks in tight spots.


Anyways, a long travel prerunner suspension kit would solve that but also cause a divorce as it's very expensive.


Is there any control arms built for this? Simply a wider stanced setup. Obviously would need to lengthen front axles and brake lines, tie-rods etc but that's cheap. Need C/As that work with the torsion bar setup.


Other option would get custom C/As made (most likely pricy) or chop up the foot well which will inherently crest a dead pedal for my left foot, which will be nice.

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4" wheel spacers? Did you bolt 2 spacers together? I haven't heard of them being that big ever. And as far as finding wider arms... the only way to get a set is they a l9ng travel kit and like you said they are expensive. Just the control arms,spindles,and steering cost around 4k and go up from there. By the time you get it all said and done your close to 8k+ depending on shock and coilover set up. It stupid they charge that much to fab up a set of arms and spindles that doesn't cost much in material at all. These companies need to bring their prices down to a starting price of about 2,000 and they would sell a shit ton of kits and make more money in the long run that way

Can you look up my album though my profile? Got all the pics there...I looks good because 4" wheel spacers. But would rather have the spindles mounted 4" instead. Steering axis would be better

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