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Squeek when turning and backing up

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Hi all, I don't have a Silverado SS but I have an 02 Sierra Denali Quadrasteer so I feel this is the best place to post about this issue to get a response, due to the similarities in the drive train. My truck is squeaking from the front driver side when I turn sharply, and when backing up while in reverse. If you turn in reverse, it doesn't squeak. If you put it in neutral while backing up, it quits squeaking, but putting it in neutral while moving forward doesn't make the squeaking stop. Hitting the brakes doesn't change it too much. PO told me it was U-Joints, and the U joints still original so I suppose this could be possible, but it doesn't make sense to me that U-Joints would only squeak when turning and backing up when the differential doesn't move. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

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Guess I answered it myself, this is the exact sound it makes but from the front shaft. May as well replace all of them, does anyone know if the quadrasteer trucks need a different u joint at the rear axle?

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