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Abs light


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Just accelerating on to interstate abd abs light came on...some times turns off fir short time.. My computer says..4 things...1 is co222 rf wheel speed signal missing and 2 is co221 wheel speed sensor ckt open and 3 is co223 rf wheel speed sensor signal erratic and 4 is lf wheel speed signal missing..wtf happened

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I agree, the Wheel hub has the abs sensor connected to it. If that shorts it will throw codes. I do have multiple sensors for the hub bearings, Your wheel hub could be fine, as they dont have to loose or make noise. It could just be the sensor itself. I would try to remove the sensor from the hub. Its held in by either 8mm or a torx bit if I remember right. Pul it out and clean it up because it will be dirty, re install and see if it fixes the issue.

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Where is it ?

Once you remove the wheel. You see a black line the is connected to the control arm. follow that down behind the rotor and you see a bolt or hex head holding the wire in the hub. if the plastic bottom is stuck use some penetrating oil like WD 40 and a flat head to gently lift it up. I then just clean mine with WD 40 and then wipe it off. I also use a Q tip with WD 40 and clean where the sensor goes into the wheel hub. The actual wheel hub is what your wheel connects to.


Send me a PM and I can text you a pic of what the the Sensor looks like along with the wire. I have two from my truck that are good. I had to replace both hubs and they come with new sensors so I kept the old ones as spares.


Heres a video of a replacement of a wheel speed sensor or ABS sensor.


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It can happen but not likely. Usually its one. But you may be replacing a good hub assembly. My bet is on the sensor and it needs to be cleaned up and re installed. If the hub isnt lose when you grab it from 9 and 3 o clock and slightly move back and forth and there is no play, go to the 12 and 6 o clock position and move up and down, if there is no play, usually it will make noise here and there like a howling sound or even worse. A hub can be tight but be bad do to internal bearing failure.



I would do that first, then clean the sensor. If you do decide to go with a new hub get a Moog, lifetime warranty and last a very long time. Never had to replace one and I did that over 6 years ago. They cost a little more like almost $200 or a little more but woth it.

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