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Brake washers

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Recently i had a bad brake fluid leak at both front calipers. I installed Russel SS brake lines all around, anyways the aluminum crush washers(or whatever the were) that came with them corroded away from the salt. Never heard of this issue and its clearly dangerous.

Word of advice, always use the Copper crush washers. Lesson learned.


I found some washers in my tool box and used them up in the front, i noticed my rears look like they are starting to corrode as well. Does anyone know what size they are? i used the search bar and found the factory front ones were part # 21012386.

I need the part numbers or preferably the size for the rear (if its different). On the front i have 07 Tahoe caliper/rotor upgrade.

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I bought them from Rock Auto when I did my brakes. Front and rear are the same washer.


AC Delco # 21012386 38 cents for 10


Dorman # 484180. 46 cents for 10


I've also found them at O'Riely's, (The Dorman ones.)


Rock Auto's listing for the Dorman washers has this for the size; Inside Dia: 10.3mm; Outside Dia.; 16.91mm; Thickness: 1.2mm


And you'r right; Aluminum is a terrible idea for this app.


Don't know if this link will show up correctly but here ya go



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