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FS: Digital Climate Controller


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Selling a Digital Climate Controller. I purchased this to perform an LED swap on it but never got a chance to do it. Last time I plugged it up it is working but some of the lights are out on the buttons.


Located in SoCal. Asking $40 for it. Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks.




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Any peeling at all on the buttons, knobs or face? Know what year it's from?


No peeling on any of the buttons or knobs. There is a minor knick on the space between the two defroster buttons. I'm not sure what year but I think it was from a 2005.

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Mine's got a couple nicks down there on the spots between the buttons, too. Seems like a common thing. You can hardly see them when it's in place.


FWIW anybody looking to buy these controls it's pretty easy to replace the lights in them. They're "thru-hole" instead of surface mount like the steering wheel controls. In other words the leads on the bulbs go through plated holes in the circuit board like any old school components. Easy work.


I do suggest buying new bulb covers though. I managed to salvage mine but it was really tricky; they cook onto the bulbs.



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