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Hey guys just wanting to gather some information out of curiosity but which would win in a straight race or launch faster? A bone stock AWD SS or a stock RWD SS and why? Which trucks or cars can the SS beat in a straight out quarter mile race? Wanted to see how fast my SS is as i don't know much about it's capabilities yet,







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Awd launches instantly rwd you stay burning out a bit... theres a lot of debate on which is faster... some say theyre the same.. Ive been on both my friends awd and I drive a rwd.. I love my rwd I just turn off the trac every time I drive it.. when the traction kicks in it feels like it takes longer for the power to kick in thats why I turn it off... it feels looser when its off but it gets it going faster

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The AWD will most definitely launch faster but the RWD is lighter and has higher gears so it will reel the AWD in.


Years ago I raced a similarly modded RWD in my AWD. I came off the line much faster and my 1/8 of a mile time and speed were much higher, but it beat me in the quarter.


It was in Phoenix at 100+ degrees do the time were slow. He beat me 15.03 to 15.04 and was about 4mph faster


Tried to upload the video but it did not work

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