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Here is a testament of how reliable my SS has been


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I have a 2005 AWD Silverado SS, I had to put it in storage as I had legal troubles, So I drove the truck from Boston to Sarasota Florida, put it in storage for TWO YEARS in the blazing hot florida sun and crazy rain storms. Two years go by and I finally was able to drive the truck again, mind you I hadn't seen or started it in two ****ing years. Needless to say I thought that I was going to run into a bunch of major problems. Nope. Started right up. Couldn't believe it. So I go to put it in drive...No pedal. All my brake lines had rotted out from being a new England truck its entire life. So I put new brake lines in, no big deal, right?


Well, so within 36 hours of this truck that sat for two years was headed to Maine from Florida on what would become a nonstop drive. 29 hours straight with only stops for fuel and food. When I got to Maine, my power steering pump went, and my water pump went shortly after, but overall id say that's not bad for an old truck to go on that kind of journey after sitting for so long. I just wanted to say, I don't know about yours, but after that journey, I classify these trucks as Bulletproof lol

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Not too bad....


Just talked to my neighbor who has an Express van, 6.0, he does regional delivery service with. It let him down for the first time ever. He had to put a starter on at 730,000 miles!!! These Chevys are tough.

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