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Help with weird noise?

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I am having a static noise coming from what seems like the left side pillar tweeter on the drivers side, when i bought the truck the owner told me that it had JL slash audio amps 300/4 & 500/1 and Arc audio series 12's under the bench seat, and i just installed a pioneer avh-4201 nex head unit with a backup camera. It seems that it does it even more when i go over bumpy roads.. guy who did the stereo installation said it could either be the RCA because it was a cheapie, the crossovers or that something is not connected right in the amp, they're behind the seats hard to get to, or the tweeter itself, any thoughts?








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RCA wires are a big thing if they are cheap or run to close to the positive wire. Then you will get that noise. Or worst case it could be the RCA inputs at the amp or the headunit.


Yeah i don't think it's the deck as I've been having this noise with the JVC single din i took out to put the pioneer, probably the RCA wires, getting to the amps is a pain since they're behind the bench seats in the rear, and i don't want to try that hack of cutting the tabs either, only option would be to remove the whole seat to get to them

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