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2wd or AWD


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New guy here interested into getting into a true SS not a clone,what does the 8th digit have to be? What kinda power can the nv149 case take im thinking of dropping my already boost built lq4 into it it when I buy one. Or would it be better for me to go for a 2wd and not have to worry about stretching the chain in the case. Looking at at least 650hp/Tq engine here maybe twin turbo. Yes I know I will have to upgrade to a 4l80e. Thanks guys.

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If your interested in keeping the NV149 (AWD) option, you can upgrade the chain from 1.25' to 1.5". NP.  For the NP149, New Process never installed a 1.5" chain, nor do we see it in the parts books, But if you look into the NP263HD. this unit - and maybe others, have the 1.25" chain (same PN) as the NV149, but also have the 1.5" chain & sprockets as a HD option. I bought and installed the 1.5" kit. Little close to the Viscous Clutch body but does clear it. 

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