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Battery drain/limp mode?


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Hey all, 

just recently started having an issue.  Truck doesn’t get driven much (if any) in the winter but I have been starting it two-three times a month and letting it warm up in the garage.  A few nights ago I decided to take it to the store on a nice night.  Started up initially pretty slow, felt like the battery had gotten a bit low so I took a long way to the store about 20 minutes or so to give the battery some time to charge, otherwise everything else was normal. 5 minutes after shutting it off about to head home it seemed to start on its last crank which was after just a second or two of ignition. This time the only gauges working were the tach and speedometer.  Abs/ airbag/ CEL/ battery warnings were all on.  I take the direct route home this time.  When I got it back in the garage and shut it off the radio (kenwood double din) kept running so I had to manually shut it off.  I let it sit on the slow charge overnight which brings us to where I’m at now.

 Everything still the same even with a full charge, the interior lights do not come on when I open the door or spin the dimmer all the way up, they do work when I push the button next to the lights on the ceiling.  Dash/gauges are the same, radio is still manually off.   This same thing seemed to be starting in the spring but I just put a new battery in and it was fine until recently.  I’m no electronic expert, or even close so I am hoping someone may have a starting point.  Like I said, this truck isn’t driven much in the winter so I have time to tinker with it.  

I’m hoping someone has a suggestion where to start or ideas what might be going on? A power drain somewhere?  Can a low battery cause a limp mode that needs to be reset? 


thank you! 

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Keep in mind that sometimes the gauges can cause parasitic loss and can drain the battery. Let me know if you have any additional questions. 


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