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Hey everyone, my name is Mason and I’m from Texas but moved about a year ago to Denver, CO. I purchased a 2002 GMC Sierra Denali quadrasteer with a supercharger and 90k mikes a little over a year ago. About six months ago after a trip up flagstaff road my transmission gave out on me and since I love this truck I decided to do a 4L80e swap which has been a very long and relatively costly mission. I can contribute almost all of my success to these forums even though I never interacted until now that I am looking for someone to segment swap for me. Just wanted to say hello and thanks to everyone that makes this a great source as well as a bit about my truck. 

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Welcome!.... I used to live up there a few years ago around the Aurora area but now living in Houston... hope you find a good tuner for your tranny... post pics of your truck... before I bought my SS I was contemplating buying a black 03 Sierra Denali quadrasteer but never came across a decent one..

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Before my recent purchase of my 03 SSS, I had a 01 GMC C3 (1st year of the Sierra Denali) for almost 12 years. Good solid truck and very similar to the SSS. I bought my C3 in Pittsburgh, PA back in 2008 w/ 75K mi. Unfortunately, the usual troubled spots for skin cancer (rockers & quarters) began to appear ~3 years into my ownership of my C3. Considering the rust, I only improved what I could easily remove and drove my C3 to 150K. Currently, most of the upgrades from my C3 are in/on my SSS and the next phase of my improvements is 95% complete. I look forward to many years of enjoyable ownership with my SSS. I hope you experience the same as well.

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