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i got an 05 ss tonight

ted gerlach

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thanks guys 

here is a little background i bought my 16 year old son a 07 trailblazer ss  to learn how to drive it was really cheep,  couple days later motor started knocking so i bought the silverado ss, now he is learning how to pull a motor and how to drive a pick up,  will get some pics up soon , i still cant believe i have both of them, the silverado ss just fell into my lap and last owner was awesome person to sell the truck so cheep, he was like make offer all i can say is no


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the issues,

  body issues,

      some rust in rt bed side, dent that was pulled out above rt taillight, lower rocker molding missing,  [ on order lets see if correct ] lower cab molding missing, [ on order lets see if correct] lower rocker left side rotted out nothing there inner or outer rocker,  tailgate but i have correct one, 

cosmetic issues,

the rims are not bad but were spray chromed so i need to send out and have repainted or i am going to get different wheels,  

  mechanical issues,

     abs light on, [ bad module] check engine light on, [ bad o2 sensor, code] but 1 header has a crack so i need to see if it can be welded, ps cooler removed, oil cooler line bye passed, rear transfer case seal

209k miles 

 parts on order, ps steering cooler, high pressure ps hose, engine oil cooler hose, all 3 trans hoses, rear transfer case seal, rt lower rocker and rt lower cab molding all new gm parts,  

 aftermarket parts, driver lower seat cover, rear spoiler with bed side cap covers. headlights and marker lenses 

 not sure what to do with bed side ,, repair, or replace or possibly a new bed, [ aka used ] lower rocker is going to need to be done with replacement weld in parts from a bodyshop,





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 whats been installed,  rear transfer case seal and fluid changed, engine oil cooler lines in, all trans lines in, power steering cooler with lines and new fluid, 

 also got set of kooks headers and y-pipe, passenger header on but not tight yet,  started install noticed seepage on fuel lines, 

so i need to find fuel lines  and might as well change up the upper o2 sensors since i have 2 new lower ones,  


 i did buy a cowl hood that popped up on facebook market place so i went and got it,



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