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Feeler: trade 22's for 20's in Houston area


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Testing the waters; I've got a set of Centerline Stingray 22's with Nitto 921Q tires. Wheels are in top notch condition with no curb rash, no bends, no cracks, no repairs ever. All 4 center caps present. They do need to be polished as they're on my DD but they will polish up beautifully. The tires still have tread but they're a bit sketchy IMO.

I've been DD'ing this truck around Houston too much and think I'd be better off with 20's, so if you have a NICE set of 20's to trade, PM me. Interested in any nice set of billet 20's or possibly even a few OEM options, aluminum only, no chrome or chrome clads please. Plus cash on your side depending on condition.



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11 hours ago, Distracted said:

These wheels look amazing on the truck. I have made deals before with the OP. He is a good guy and trustworthy.


Good Luck



Thanks!  Those pics were taken a while back, right before I installed the Corsa exhaust I got from you!


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