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Some old funny photos


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As I was replying to another thread here, i was searching through my virtual pile of SS related photos and thought I would dredge up a few of the funny ones.

Some of these I photo shopped myself.

1) I seem to recall somebody with a Red SS wanted more bass in their stereo, so I put in a bigger sub for him 

2) Not sure why I did the riced out version of the SS, but it was funny looking.

3) The Lemon Fresh oil if from the internet.

4) It must be a bit hot where this guy lives.

5) Dual Radix super charger. Had a bit of fun photo shopping my single Radix in to two ;D

6) Ash all over my SS from a brush fire long ago (Southern California).

7) And we all know that Joseph was a carpenter, so he needed a fast truck to get around, that is why he had as SS.






Dual Radix.jpg



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