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Hey there! (new to the community) I am getting ready to purchase a new vehicle, but not just any. Something special. I know cars now-a-days aren't made like they used to be. It's more about looks and performance rather than a balance of those 2 AND reliability. What intrigues me about these trucks is their reliability. Easily compared to old toyotas. 300k miles, easy, with the right care. Seeing how my dads 2002 chevy silverado has been through it all and still going strong with 235k miles has shown me the quality of these trucks and I am ready to have one until it can no longer run.

Now, I've been eyeing a 2003 SS with 153k miles. Interior/exterior looks clean, taken care of from what it looks. Engine bay looks normal. Reported to have had 4 owners (kinda weird). No issues or accidents have been reported. When i get the chance to test it for myself (planning to take someone experienced with me as well) what should i look out for? 

Thank You!

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I would say make sure you spend some time under it. The cladding can hide a lot of rust. I looked at a blue 03 that looked pretty good until I got under it. The inner rockers were completely gone It had 135,000 mi. on it. They wanted $13,900 for it. I later bought a red 03 with 73,000 for $16,000 that is very clean under Neath. In my opinion the conition of the sheet metal is the most important, mechanicals can be rebuilt.     

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