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Evap help needed

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Hi guys & girls ! I live in Sweden and knowledge and spare parts are not as easy as taking a trip to Autozone. I bought my -03 awd couple of weeks ago with a p0446 code and ordered a tank pressure sensor. Truck had the canister and solenoid changed and modded to the newer style with remote filter so I at least think this should be ok. After changing out the pressure sensor it throws p0 453 and still the 0446. I have double checked connections, harnesses and piping. Left to change seems to be the purge valve but codes doesn’t point in that direction. Truck runs  fine and no problem what so ever to fill the tank, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


i do understand, and knows, how to use a multimeter but connections on to of the tank is not that appealing....


brg Per

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Check the purge under the hood for charcoal pellets that can be sucked up from a failed charcoal canister. Sometimes the inlet side will be full to the top with pellets, other times it is just a pellet or two holding the valve open. It is only one bolt to remove it and once it is out you can rig up some leads to apply 12 volts to it . if you hear the solenoid click you should then be able to blow and suck on either end to clear the pellets .A new one is not expensive but it would be best to remove the line from the canister and blow out the remaining pellets from front to back thru the line you removed from the evap. solenoid under the hood.       

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