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ECU relearn after battery disconnect


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I had my battery cables get a little bit loose and lost clock and dead key then truck started. I went to store and truck was dead and would not start or turn over, no power.

It finally started and made it home. I checked battery cables and they had a tiny bit of wiggle in both. I tightened then up and no more loss of power or clock.

That was a week ago and the truck still has trouble idling to the point of dying and nearly causing me to wreck.

This truck has always acted up anytime I have removed power.

Does anyone have a sure fire procedure for forcing a relearn?

I had power off for about a week one time when I changed water pump and all hoses and it took a full two weeks or more to ever get right.

Help, I nearly wrecked going to get a paper this morning.


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I never had the issues you are experiencing and I had my battery disconnected for long periods of time often.  Do you have modifications?  If so, the original tune may be way off and it does take some time for the long trims to level out but not weeks.  All of your control sensors (O2 sensors, Intake temp, ECT etc.) may have to be replaced along with a standard tune-up.  If you have someone around with logging software, it would shed light on your issues rather quickly...

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