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2004 Silverado extended cab ss

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I have a 2004 chevy Silverado extended cab ss all original with 12,368 miles. 2 owner but in the same family since it was bought new. Clean title never messed with. Very hard to find one with this many miles. Have no clue on the price since there is nothing to compare too so I'm taking offers please NO LOWBALL OFFERS NO BS. Looking to sell because I'm more of a 4x4 or lifted truck guy and would rather find a good home for it that someone would appreciate it. Phone or text me 209-400-8349 I live by Sacramento Ca. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Also this app will only let me download 1 picture I gusse my pictures are too big so if your interested I can send more pictures to you. Jeff


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I have been thinking of doing something with my truck.  I have a 2004 CCSB Z-71 5.3L 4L60E with a little over 22,300 miles on it.  I am the original owner.  It has a Black bear tune, magnaflow muffler, AirAid MIT, and K&N oem replacement filter.  The tune was installed with an Auto-Cal device that I have on hand so I can install the stock tune back without any issue.  The truck was repainted in 2017 and all the exterior plastics were replaced (front & rear bumper plastics, fender flares, & side plastics on doors).  The interior is grey cloth with captains chairs up front.  


CCWs Chevrolet 2004 Silverado CCSB Z-71 with new paint job - 2017 005 - 19 20 - 0001.jpg

CCW's Chevrolet 2004 Silverado CCSB Z-71 with new paint job - 2017, 05-19 - 002 (2).jpg

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27 minutes ago, LOBO2 said:

Forgot to add it has a Silverado SS grille.  The lower valence below the front bumper has been painted black to match the rest.

No thanks too old for me looking for a 16-19 Silverado crew cab 4x4 and lifted if and when I find it. Selling my ss would go towards the truck. Also doesn't need to be lifted or rims I could do that my self

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Sorry to butt in on your post and chat, but I didnt know how else to get in touch w/ LOBO2.  I have a Black 2003 SSS w/ 28k miles that I purchased from a collection that I am about to sell in favor of a Silverado I can take off road.  If you still have yours, would you be interested in discussing a trade of some sort? 

Jeff, you should be able to get $25K + with that low mileage depending on driveline, leather, rear discs, etc.

Lobo2. please let me know your status and if you are interested in discussing.  



Steve R.




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