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Need Silverado SS owner assistance!

Mikey B

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Good afternoon Everyone

A bit of background, ive got a 99 Tahoe 2 door that we swapped a complete 2003 Silverado SS running gear into. The entire swap is finished up and as we live in California, we need to certify the swap is compliant with smog. The current hangup is that the catalytic converter system was cut up and thrown away from the donor truck that we got from salvage. So we made our own based off information we could find and photos for reference. The smog referee wants to ensure our research is correct by comparing to a stock Silverado SS. 


Thats where the trouble begins. These trucks are awesome, and they are rare. Finding one that i could " borrow" to compare is almost impossible. The smog tech said we can have comparative photos of the oxygen sensor and cat converter locations. I took some quick tape measured photos as a benchmark. 


So if someone is willing to, we would love to have some photos to send for comparison so we can finally get this truck back on the road.


Thank you everyone in advance!


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Wow, that's crazy..

I could probably get those pics for you in the next couple days if nobody else steps up.  I work kind of a stupid night schedule so finding free time can be tricky.

In the meantime, you should throw us some pics of your Tahoe swap to get us goin' :) 


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18 hours ago, dcairns said:

I still have the stock system. Let me see what I can get a picture of for you.

By your statement it sounds like the cat system is not attached, if thats true and youre willing to part with it or let me "rent it" until the process is done id love to arrange that.


You can text me/ call me 559 (fresno) 977-0398



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No, what I meant is that I am still running the stock system.  I do have a CARB approved supercharger, but the exhaust/cats are stock. It would impossible to have 17 years worth of smog inspections without the proper emissions stuff like cats.  I have even been refused service by a shop for a smog inspection because of the supercharger, even though it is perfectly legal. The shop must have recently got burned buy the CARB cops for missing some detail on a smog inspection. I hear the penalties are stiff.

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The site limits my uploads, so I can only do a few at a time.  let me try this another way
























Drivers Side


And yes, that is my 64 Impala peeking around the tire.








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