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I have been a lurker on this forum on and off over the years and finally decided to join.  I am the original owner of a Black 2004 AWD SS.  It's just about 100% stock except for replacing old fogged headlamps.  The only other mod I've done is to install an ARE hard bed cover and do spray on bedliner - both of which were done when new.

The truck spent most of it's life in Texas even though I bought it in Jacksonville and now I'm back in Jax.  It was my daily driver for about 5 years then I started driving sports cars as my daily ride.  Right now I've got a Jeep Wrangler (2 door with a 6 speed) as my daily driver.  Since I only drive it occasionally, it only has 138K miles on it.

I keep thinking about selling the SS but when I look at new trucks, I don't see anything I like better than the SS.

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Welcome!  I hear ya; I *kinda* want to like the first few years of the K2XX trucks but man they seem to have some annoying issues and I just don't have the spare time to figure that mess out on my own.  Buddy has a 2014 High Country in black and it look great, reminds me a bit of the 88-98 styling which I love, but I've driven it and not sure if I'd be happy replacing my SS with one.


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