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exhaust setup for a ss

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does anyone know if the ss exhaust had a crossover in it or is it just to pipes straight back to the muffler, i would like to put two exhaust dumps in mine but if i do it and there is no crossover than it will just sound like two four cylinders.

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No crossover that I can recall.  You can add one fairly easy if you want to do dual exhaust of any sort.

Long ago I had a Magnaflow exhaust on my SS. I did not keep it on very long, the droning sound was too annoying.  But it consisted of two smaller mufflers and then a Y to the single exhaust.  Adding a crossover ahead of the mufflers would be easy.  

If you are thinking of having dual tail pipes, one on each side ahead of the rear wheels, then getting the pipe over to the driver's side might be difficult.  The biggest obstacle would be the fuel tank, which occupies a lot of the area you would want to run the pipe.  And you probably don't want hot exhaust pipe and fuel tank to be too close together. 

Dual tail pipes behind the rear tire would be easier.  And dual tail pipes, both on the passenger side would be easiest.


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