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Looking for 05 black SS truck


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Probably not what you're looking for BUT --- I have a 2005 black short bed, stepside.  I looked for it for years. I have put the entire SS front on and might sell it.  It is super clean.  We wet sanded paint and fixed all little scratches etc.  Paint perfect.  Believe it or not I have a built 454--550 hp I was planning on putting in truck.  I'm an old school BBC fan. If you're interested you can txt me at 614-286 2138.  I also would like to know if there are some guys on this site who would know what kind of  "challenges"  I'm gonna run into trying to put a big block in this truck. I have another blue one that is a driver.


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Don't know if you ever found what you wanted as your post is a bit dated, but my 2003 Black AWD SSS w/ 28k miles and no mods (besides Flowmaster duals) just got listed for sale on the Bring a Trailer on-line auction website. Here is the link:


If interested, pls address any questions and / or offers to the ad site as that is where the sale is being conducted.

Thx. and good luck!




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I am thinking about moving on from my 2003 Silverado SS, it is the wrong color for you though, Red.  80,000 miles, I'm the original owner. It sits in the garage all the time as the family prefers to travel in our SUV, I'm looking at getting a crew cab 3/4 ton for towing.  Let me know if you have any interest and I can post some pictures.  Located in southern Maine.

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