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Wilwood Brake upgrade


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Finally looking to upgrade the stock brakes on my 2004 SS. Was talking to the tech at Wilwood and he wasn't sure that their front kit (140-13876-R) would fit because of the AWD of the SS.

Anyone upgraded their SS with Wilwood brakes and knows it works?

Thanks in advance...



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2 hours ago, 1981evildisco said:

That’s pretty cool man. I wonder if the factory Brembo kit would work as well from that model year. I personally am going to get the Wilwood kit.

It's been discussed on some other forums and yeah, pretty sure that Brembo kit is a bolt-on.  With a 16" rotor you'd need some good wheel clearance.  I'm not sure the 22" Centerlines I've got would even work due to the inside-the-hoop valve stem placement.  The wheel itself should clear but I'm worried the valve stem will hit the caliper.


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