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Alarm & speaker advice for my 04

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Hi Guys

I have an 04 crew cab (sadly not a SS) Silverado thats recently had an aftermarket alarm fitted. The fitter couldnt tie my factory remote locking / unlocking in with the alarm so I currently have 2 fobs. Not ideal. I now understand an aftermarket part can be plugged into a factory port (im a useless techie lol) which will then enable the alarm to work the locking ?

Please can somebody provide more info to the part I need ? I live in England and importing parts is now expensive, so I need to get the correct part 1st time.

Im also upgrading my speakers ect. I read a Cruchfield article about upgrades so bought front speakers (missread and thought rear door speakers where same as fronts, doh !) and rears. Just the A pillar tweeters to change but what size ? My trucks not here so cant go out n look but want to get them ordered.

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