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03 SS Silverado AWD Jacksonville FL


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Though I am having drive train issues right now,  I love the truck, Very fast! But the other day i was on the highway and my rear output shaft seal on the transfer case came out along with the bushing. Someone tried telling me that my drive shaft may have caused the problem though i never felt any vibration before it happen or ever since I owned the truck for over a year now. I figured that I can get a new seal and bushing and see about getting the drive shaft looked at. But i cant seem to find he correct bushing and seal to go back in it? Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks  

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Yeah I got it going found the seal and bushing for the transfer case output shaft. But the reason the bushing came out is that my transfer case got low on fluid and the yoke got hot and grabbed the bushing:blink:. Come to find out there was a pin hole size hole in the case. So until i can get a new or reman transfer case i just plugged itup with JB weld lol

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Damn! I’m glad you got it figured out though! When I bought mine, first thing I did was take it to have everything gone through & its a great thing I did because there was very little fluid in the transfer case & had yoke knock, but after filling up & greasing it’s all good. You’re truck looks good. I am a couple hours north of you. I go to Jacksonville pretty frequently, maybe we could get up sometime. Shoot me a message if there is ever any shows or anything down there you’re going to & I’ll try to make it!

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