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rear calipers wont release


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I just replaced rear pads and rotors. Now the rear brakes are dragging. I didn't have an issue before I changed the parts. I replaced the rear center flex hose, where the rear left and right split. I was going to change the left and right as well, but they weren't in stock. I know those flex hoses can go bad and get clogged, holding pressure in the calipers. I got the pistons pushed in, and everything was fine until I hit the brakes, then it held the pressure again. Could this be in the master cylinder or ABS valve? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I need to get this resolved tomorrow so I can make my 100 mile commute to work since my daily Subaru tranny took a crap. Thanks

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It was the calipers. I took all the brake like connections loose in rear. I figured there was a blockage in the line somewhere not letting pressure out. All the connections were hemmorrhaging brake fluid, so I figured that wasn't the case. There must've been corrosion at the bottom of the pistons that were keeping them tight against the pads.They were a little difficult to compress all the way to get the new pads on, and pretty tight going on.  I've had the issue before on a blazer I had, but that was while I was driving one day randomly, and not during a brake job. I also had an issue once on my motorcycle, but that was corrosion in the mastery cylinder for the rear brake. I wouldn't have thought it would've been both at the same time. It was. I replaced both, and everything is working fine now.  Another lesson learned.

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